Hannah’s Story

I’m sure many of you parents out there know how hard it is to not only find the time but also the motivation to exercise. I have come to realise that my fitness is now about my strength, endurance, building my self esteem, keeping good mental health.

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Terry’s Story

I’ve lost over a stone and am now 14st 2lbs. The programme I do is changed by Luke every six weeks and it keeps me on my toes and gives me new challenges.  My moods are better, I feel healthier.

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Denise’s Story

This time last year I would never have thought it possible to be exercising as much as I am doing ( I attend at least 5 days a week), nor would have I thought it possible that I could use the equipment I am using.

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Claire’s Story

I started doing swimming and aquafit, gentle on my joints and that built up my strength.

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Dawn’s Story

I enjoy going to the toning suite and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

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Rosie’s Story

At first I stuck to my programme in the gym but then I started going to classes. I found being in a class meant more focus & more fun.

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